About the Authors

Jessica is a 30-something woman currently working as a publicist for a nonprofit arts organization that she will shamelessly promote throughout this blog. She spent many years as a journalist, a career she gravitated to most likely out of a latent desire to be Lois Lane and get to fly around/sleep with Superman. Her love of men in tight pants, to the dismay of many an ex boyfriend, never quite translated to a love of football.

Jessica is a failed novelist, an avid music lover, a onetime musician, a sewing enthusiast who can’t follow a pattern and often doesn’t finish her sewing projects, a voracious reader and something of a science-fiction nerd. She is deeply committed to yoga in part to avoid turning into the female version of “Comic Book Guy.”  She loves red wine aged in French oak, her many wonderful girlfriends and has equal affection for both the ocean and the desert.


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